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Australian Permanent Mission to the UN

Working at the Australian Mission to the UN

There are three main ways that you can seek to work at the Australian Mission to the United Nations. You can either be employed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), as a Locally Engaged Staff (LES) member or as an intern.

Current Vacancies

There are no current vacancies.


Working for DFAT

DFAT employees are recruited via a competitive process either as part of the annual graduate intake or to fill vacancies as required.

DFAT employees are generally recruited to work in Canberra and will then apply for an overseas postings a Mission, such as the Australian Mission to the UN. More than 80% of those people working at the Mission are DFAT employees working in a foreign policy, public diplomacy or legal field.

For information about DFAT employment go to


Locally Engaged Staff (LES)

LES are those people working at the Mission that are employed locally and possess the necessary skills and qualifications to fill a specific need or vacancy. LES are recruited via a competitive process.

Around 20 per cent of staff at the Australian Mission to the UN are LES and they are employed to work in policy, aid, administration and public affairs.

LES vacancies to the Australian Mission to the UN are generally advertised in local and Australian newspapers, as well as on this website.

Please see any vacancies listed  above for information about current LES vacancies.


Internship Opportunities

The Permanent Mission of Australia to the United Nations has two types of internship programs – the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) internship program, which runs between September and December each year; and an ad-hoc internship program which runs for periods outside of UNGA, depending on the Mission’s work program.

The Mission seeks candidates with the appropriate skills, education and knowledge to contribute to advancing Australia’s national interests in the United Nations. To be eligible for either internship program, candidates must be Australian citizens. All intern positions are offered on a self-funded basis.

All intern applicants should possess:

Prior exposure to, or demonstrated knowledge of, the United Nations system and Australian policies and priorities within the United Nations are highly desirable.

United Nations General Assembly internship program

Each year the Australian Mission offers up to six internship positions that run for the duration of the annual session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). The General Assembly begins in mid-September and continues until just before Christmas – running for thirteen weeks in all. The Mission’s 2013 UNGA Internship Program commenced on Monday, 9 September 2013.

Please check back here in April 2014 for details of the Mission’s 2014 UNGA Internship Program.

Ad Hoc Internship Program

Vacancies for ad hoc internships will be advertised here if and when they arise. There are no current vacancies for ad hoc internships.

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